Leg Pain

Lower leg pain can often be directly related to a foot or ankle issue. Mechanically, a problem with your foot can cause an imbalance or compensation that causes pain up into the leg. Conversely, a pulled calf muscle or injured Achilles tendon can refer pain down into the foot. On the other hand, some leg pain can be caused by more serious issues like circulation, damaged blood vessels or diabetes.

Leg pain can often develop as a consequence of:

  • Shin splints – a result of overuse that causes pain in the front of the lower leg
  • Chronic exertional compartment syndrome – tightness, numbness or pain in the lower leg due to excess pressure build up in the compartments of the leg
  • Medial tibial stress syndrome – overuse injury to the lower leg
  • Muscle strains or tears – often occurs from overuse, fatigue or improper muscle use
  • Tendon rupture – a separation of the tissue from which a tendon attaches
  • Bone tumors – abnormal growths in the bones of the leg