Skin Conditions

Skin and nail issues of the foot, ankle, and lower leg are incredibly common. From simple problems like damaged or ingrown toenails, warts and Athlete’s foot, to more serious conditions such as skin cancers and cellulitis… Coast + Sole Foot and Ankle Specialists can handle it all! We take a proactive approach to managing skin and nail conditions and look forward to exploring the best option with you.

Common skin issues include:

  • Athlete’s foot – a fungal infection affecting the feet
  • Fungal toenails – a fungal infection affecting the toenails
  • Skin cancer – abnormal growths on the skin
  • Skin fissures – deep creases or lines that develop on the soles of the foot
  • Dryness – lack of moisture in the skin
  • Ulcers – open wounds on the skin’s surface